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Facebook News Highlights, Week of May 9, 2011

Facebook news, week of May 9, 2011It’s not just you – Facebook does change more frequently than Lady Gaga during a concert. Here’s what to pay attention to in Facebook news this week:

Important Facebook security improvements

Symantec: Change your Facebook password now, via InfoWorld.com

Facebook Blocks Malicious Links Via Web Of Trust, via AllFacebook.com

Facebook Beefs Up Security To Fight Hijackers, via AllFacebook.com

News on Pages, Promotions: Contests and Sweepstakes, and Indiscretions

You can now tag Pages in photos, via Mashable.com
But admins should be vigilant in case inappropriate photos tag their Page (if so, admins can remedy this by using Facebook as their Page and removing the tag from the photo).

Admins, Get A Load Of The New Pages Dashboard, via AllFacebook.com
Facebook now provides admins of more than one Page a place to view stats in one place for all of their Pages

Facebook updated their promotions guidelines yesterday, re-emphasizing that you cannot use “likes,” “comments,” and other means to determine winners. The only approved way to run contests and sweepstakes on Facebook is to use an application. Be sure you’re familiar with these revised guidelines!

And, of course, we can’t ignore The Daily Beast’s outing of Facebook’s ugly indiscretion this week.
Can we trust Facebook after this ugly behavior? But, wait. Did we ever truly trust Facebook? Or are we so in love we’re willing to overlook this bad behavior?

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