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March Social Media Events in San Antonio

Social media is a living, breathing entity. Changes in social media happen daily (even hourly in some cases!). How can you keep up with that pace? Attend a local social media event to learn and share information with others working and playing in social media. Here’s a list of the cutting-edge, can’t-miss social media educational […]

San Antonio River Walk's Museum Reach Expansion

Wow. Words escape me (and the fact that it’s past 1:00 a.m. isn’t helping either), but luckily I have pictures of the San Antonio River’s Museum Reach Expansion preview tour as do many others. We also had tweets, lots and lots of tweets about the Museum Reach of San Antonio’s River Walk Expansion. And, thanks […]

Social Media Coverage Takes San Antonio Mayoral Election by Storm!

¬† On Saturday, May 9, Social Media Club San Antonio participated in an event never before seen in our city. The San Antonio Current joined forces with IGoSA.com,¬†NewTek, and Social Media Club San Antonio to stream live coverage of San Antonio’s Mayoral Election over UStream. Social Media Club San Antonio had four members (Club founders […]