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A tale of two tweets in turmoil

Who ever said tweeting was easy? No one. Especially when human beings are involved. The Red Cross recently learned that lesson the hard way when an administrator on their Twitter account mistakenly published a personal tweet about beer: The Red Cross deleted the accidental tweet but admitted to their followers that they got rid of […]

Social media for good: Tweetsgiving San Antonio

* UPDATED TO ADD: The Tweetvite link to RSVP for Tweetsgiving San Antonio is not working consistently. To RSVP please click here and click on “open ticket” to reserve your space at the party. * Do you remember your school days? The readin’, writin’, arithmetic? Learning your ABCs and, eventually, fractions and maybe even quadratic […]

Make it easy.

Sure, the Eagles would prefer for you to Take It Easy but, for my money, I’d prefer for you to make it easy–easy for me to find you, that is. Social media provides us with fantastic tools and countless new ways to meet people and make connections. But that’s only if you make it easy for […]

Things I learned at TweetCampSA

TweetCampSA was held on the campus of Trinity University on Saturday, July 18. As I packed up and headed off to camp I wondered where the day would take me and I couldn’t wait to find out who I’d meet and what I’d learn. TweetCampSA more than delivered. Here are a few of the things […]

Twitter for customer service

A client of mine, @BrasseriePavil, recently used Twitter to turn a dissatisfied customer around. But rather than tell you the story myself, I’ll let Kirk Skodis with Trustworthy explain (go ahead, read his post then let’s pow-wow back here to discuss and wrap up. I’ll wait!). One of the best opportunities afforded to businesses on […]

San Antonio Businesses on Twitter

Updated to add: The most current list of San Antonio businesses on Twitter can now be found on my Twitter List. Lately I’ve come across more and more San Antonio businesses on Twitter. Hooray! It’s great to see San Antonio businesses take advantage of social media tools so they can reach out to the community […]

New to Twitter? Join the conversation!

When I started using Twitter two years ago I spent a LOT of time “listening” to the people I followed. I found myself, more often than not, becoming engrossed in the discussions that were taking place. But what I didn’t do was jump in and contribute. And that’s why my Twitter account sat, for weeks […]

Five Hot Twitter Clients for the Mac

If you’re visting from The San Antonio Media / PR / Business Tweetup (#samprb), welcome! Today I’m talking about Twitter clients for the Mac. There are lots of fantastic Twitter clients available for Mac. I’m covering the five I’ve spent the most time with: Tweetie, Twhirl, TweetDeck, Nambu, and Seesmic Desktop. Over the last few […]

San Antonio River Walk's Museum Reach Expansion

Wow. Words escape me (and the fact that it’s past 1:00 a.m. isn’t helping either), but luckily I have pictures of the San Antonio River’s Museum Reach Expansion preview tour as do many others. We also had tweets, lots and lots of tweets about the Museum Reach of San Antonio’s River Walk Expansion. And, thanks […]